Yianni Stamas Talks about How We Can Save NYC together and How an Organization by the Same Name is Working Toward Doing So

Advocates Over 50 in NYC with a New Perspective

Hi, Yianni here. Now, more than ever those of us who are over fifty and residing in Manhattan, NY, need to band together toward the common cause to save NYC together. A lot of our wealthy friends fled the city, either to move to the suburbs (such as in Long Island or New Jersey), while others went to other states, such as Texas and Florida, where the tax breaks are better. Though ironically, due to extreme weather situations in both states, repairing and cleaning up the resulting damage and mess must have cost a pretty penny. But the bottom line is that because of no longer sharing the goal with the super rich to Save NYC Together we are left alone here to to pick up their pieces. Also, the circumstances now are even worse for artists seeking affordable housing.

Can the Over 50 Crowd Save NYC Together?

Obviously, it is going to take those of all different ages to save NYC together, though, those of us in our “Second Act” have a unique perspective on life that can be leveraged. We have had to leap over many hurdles and life experience means something. We have skillsets far beyond many and can lend what we know to the cause. But this does not mean we need to march in the streets, although many of us are, instead it brings to the surface the fact that there are many ways to participate in a mission. The objective to save NYC together does not require the same mode of involvement. If you dig deep into what you know, chances are that you will find an effortless way to lend your hand to overcoming the great wall we face today.

Sharing Thoughts and Hope

Because of those of us over fifty lending our own unique forms of participation along with other New Yorkers, progress is already being made toward the goal of having a new thriving New York, reinvented, as all one community. This community of course has neighborhoods and other, smaller communities within the larger one But this process has not always been easy, and in the beginning seemed impossible to do.

My Take on Times Square at First Blush

I now live in Northern Manhattan with my family, but over the years, starting in 1988, I have lived in a variety of neighborhoods of our beloved city. But several months ago, while we were still very much in the grips of the pandemic, I had to venture to Times Square on three separate occasions, to see a doctor who practiced there. My wife and I lived for 5 years in an apartment that had a view through one of the windows of Times Square, so viewed or walked within, Times Square. Having that Time Square in my mind, is why it was especially chilling to see the new Times Square of months ago. It was a ghost town. Very few cars and almost no people except for lone figures who lurked in the shadows staring at you, some of them smoking. Those upsetting three visits is why I realized we would have to save NYC together.

How do We Save NYC Together?

Even though some of the worst of the pandemic is behind us, the variant of COVID known as Delta is taking its wrath against us. Also, there is more violence than I have ever seen in Manhattan. For example, three days ago when writing this, someone was shot and murdered a block away from where we live. Violence and the pandemic are two of the biggest challenges to save NYC together. Regarding COVID, and now the even more contagious Delta variant, if you have not, please get vaccinated. Or, suggest to an unvaccinated friend or family member, that they get the shots. It is easy, quick and now thank goodness, quite available. Because if everyone does the right thing, we are all a lot safer . Violence? This can be overcome either in-person or digitally by trading thoughts and producing solutions. A series of three very violent attacks that all occurred about a week ago, occurred in our favorite local park. Thankfully the perpetrator was caught and arrested. The community response was to get as many folks from the neighborhood together as possible, to do a kind of parade thing through the park to indicate that we are taking the park back. But if gathering with people in-person is not your thing, that is completely understandable. If you care to, you can help spread the word by letting others know of your strong belief, that is shared by others in your community, that we can save NYC together.

And speaking of the cause to save NYC together, I am making a brief appearance today on the website Save NYC Together to be a part of the larger national mission and suggestion which is “USA Make a Difference.”