U.S. Ageism and its Negative Take on Growing Older, Plus the Irony is that the Same Younger Americans Who Currently Chastise Ageing Individuals, will Themselves One Day be Old!

A Man Enjoying Life!

Are You an Ageist?

As I write this here in NYC, I am now a decade over 50. And yes, feeling the restraints of ageism all around me in the business world. But to be frank and of full disclosure, I used to be an ageist to a certain degree myself. I did not want to be, but I couldn’t help, as a young person, thinking of the limitations of the elderly, to be able to do what I was doing as an entrepreneur. When it came to working with older individuals, regarding their ability I sometimes did “Pre-Judge” them a bit, which is where the word “prejudice” come from!

Can We Put a Spin on U.S. Ageism?

And now almost twice the years of back then, I think about this and find it odd that there is not a lot of ageism stopping sites out there, taking on this topic. When you look at its numbers as a trend, U.S. Ageism is not even a full blip. Everyone gets old if they make it along the road of life. So why not start taking a positive way of looking at aging?!

Wisdom and Experience

This past weekend we were visiting my wife’s parents, and my father-in-law had a sign up in their house that read something along the lines of “Be nice to your kids because they will be choosing your nursing.” I guess that in a way that covers a lot of an ageism solution. Remembering to be respectful to you elders, recognizing they, with age, bring wisdom and experience.

Be Active Both Physically and in Your Thoughts

As long as we are on the topic of aging, there are some things to be said about older people and entrepreneurship. I think that it can provide a hands-on way of keeping sharp and connecting with others. I consider myself to be a Startup Introvert, meaning I am a bit of a loner when it comes to running an organization. But regardless of your focus when you are older, it is a good idea to stay active both physically and mentally.

Save NYC Together

I am happy to report that thanks to performing artists among others, our beloved New York City is coming back. The reopening of Broadway has been very helpful. As New Yorkers, we recognize that importance of the arts has in terms of attracting tourists to our city. And much of the result of Manhattan coming back is thanks to the Over 50 USA individuals. There were lots of rallying and other activities by those who are older.

Reinvention of a City

Another positive thing that is going on, which has had positive support from elders, is the amazing reinventing and giving a new outlook of the Big Apple. When COVID first started to rear its ugly head, the 1%ers, without a blink, gathered up their big businesses, that were important to the city’s financial existence, and bolted. And although I must admit the exiting of the wealthy still has had a negative impact on New York City financially, the good side was that we saw crystal clear, those who were not committed to caring about New York, and maybe being a part of our recovery. Thankyou older people for all you do!