The Fountain of Youth?

The Best Bath Ever?

The fountain of youth is not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years across the globe. What is the fountain of youth? It is a spring that allegedly restores youth to anyone who bathes in it. One of the nominees of the Platinum PIAs Awards several years ago claimed to know where to fountain could be found! Pop culture un-icons the Stamas Bros recently did a post on eternal youth and 15 year old gurus.

Would You Travel to Bimini?

The legend attains a more visible state in the 16th century when being recounted by a Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de León. He was searching the world for the Fountain of Youth and found himself landing in 1513 on what is now known as Florida. The legend goes on further that Ponce de León was informed by Native Americans that the Fountain of Youth was in Bimini.

The Getting Old Resistance

And the search for the Fountain of Youth continues to the current day and has sprung several industries all intertwined around the idea of anti aging. It seems that there are many people who are resisting growing old for as long as they are able to including the Stamas Bros.

Is Lifestyle the Solution?

There are myriad miracle creams and other cosmetic articles as well as books on the topic claiming that you can stay young based on what you eat and your lifestyle in general.

Plastic Surgery Anyone?

The staff of are united in their perspective on aging which they say is more mental than external physical. Members of Over50USA believe that how you think about aging can help growing old be easier. As your body changes and your skin wrinkles some will run to the plastic surgeon. Ironically, another nominee of the Platinum PIAs Awards was a plastic surgeon!

Plastic Surgery is Not Invisible

The only problem with looking to a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery as your solution, is that for the most part plastic surgery is easily recognized. Someone’s skin can seem strangely smooth, the eyes seeming strangely stretched and so on.

What is the Secret

So instead of spending lots of money on trying to surgically attaining a so-called look of youth, Over50USA recommends that you start with your outlook as well as your diet. These two things are a natural way of at the very least keeping your attitude more upbeat and we believe that indeed this is the greatest secret to staying young or even aging gracefully.

Being Over 50 in the USA

How Did We Get Here?

We just got off the phone with the good people of Art Gush who are now consulting ArtisticPreneur on the next step in their evolution since they ridded themselves of us and the Over 50 focus. Being over 50 in the US has new web address and it’s But how did we get here?

Formerly One of the Topics of

We’re not angry with Really. We are actually happy to start a new website that focuses on our passion, which is being over 50 and living in the USA. Seriously. No kidding. Over50USA is a market that we love most. We think it’s inspiring to see people in their “Second Act” going after their dreams more than ever.

We’re Not the AARP

Some of the questions we have been getting is whether or not we’re trying to be the new AARP. Absolutely not. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for all as we age. They also champion positive social change and deliver value through advocacy, information, and service. Their vision statement is to work toward having a society in which all people live with dignity and purpose, and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Our Mission and Vision

Okay, now that we’ve spelled out AARP’s mission and vision we do see aspects of it which we share. Our mission at is to help those who are over 50 in the USA realize their dreams now that they put off for some reason earlier. Also, our vision is a world in which everyone (especially those over 50 in the USA) does something that they are passionate about. Yes, we admit it, we got the idea of dream pursuit from our work with ArtisticPreneur.

Realizing Your Dreams

Of course following a dream is easier said than done. Some folks are on very limited budgets so the thought of taking on an aspiration may just be too expensive. This is where we enter with the encouragement that they find something that parallels the original dream. Let’s say for example someone wanted to be a doctor yet had never been to medical school.

Medical School?

This may be too expensive of a process right now. Plus, for some it would also entail getting a Bachelor’s. In our earlier conversation with Art Gush, they talk about this approach as being purpose driven. An over 50 person might look at the doctor’s purpose which is to help others get over sickness and to stay healthy. Is there another, easier to attain profession, that does the same thing?

A Dream Alternative?

So what might be an alternative? Maybe to study something that is more attainable. Yet, by the same token we don’t want to discourage anyone from becoming a doctor if they have the means or have found a way to work toward having a means. continues to inspire us in that regard.

Helping People

Dreams can also include ways of helping people. This can be especially satisfying for those over 50 because it can be a way of giving back. But whatever dream you decide to pursue, here’s to you being successful!

An Interesting Take on the Word “Never” by a Member of the Club


It’s a little known fact that Mark lives and works in the exact center of California!

The Club

Are you a member of the “ Club?” If not, you might want to think about joining. For example, here’s the perspective of a club member who is an “0ver 50”  musician named Mark.

Mark is known for his inspiring no nonsense approach and recently gave us his point of view on what he perceives to be all about:

Mark Gives His Opinion:

“When I first heard about John’s Over 50 blog, he said it’s for people over 50 who “never” followed their calling or passion.

There was that word I love so much.


I suggested to John that he shift perspective just a little.

That he use “haven’t”, instead of “never.”


For one thing, saying “haven’t” is more accurate. 

Unless you are dead.

The dead can honestly say “I never did become a rock star in that life”.

Because. Well. They are dead.

But for us still living. (I think I’m alive anyway.)

We aren’t dead.

And while I haven’t become a rock star, I ain’t dead yet.

Never is so final. Never implies we can’t. But we can!

So I told John to give it some thought.

These kinds of subtle distinctions are the fuel of perception. The power of words.

And they work on us too.

Remember, no matter what, it’s never too late. Now THAT is an appropriate use of never.”

A Star is Born which is YOU and this Blog!

If you’re over 50 this blog is for you!

Now is the Time

Keanu is over 50! I got my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration at age 57, there are “over 50” folks all across the United States having the times of their lives. How about you? We want to hear YOUR story!

The Official Blog for Those Over 50 in the USA

You asked for it so now we’re bringing it to you. The official website of those over 50 in the USA, none other than! This is the very first blog post so we want to clarify a few things.

YOU are the Star!

The sole purpose of this site is to celebrate YOU. You the person over 50 residing in the USA. Also, even though we are based out of New York City, anyone in America can participate in celebrating “Your 2nd Act.” More to come soon! Please submit your magical story to us at Now is the time to achieve old and new American Dreams!