The Fountain of Youth?

The Best Bath Ever?

The fountain of youth is not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years across the globe. What is the fountain of youth? It is a spring that allegedly restores youth to anyone who bathes in it. One of the nominees of the Platinum PIAs Awards several years ago claimed to know where to fountain could be found! Pop culture un-icons the Stamas Bros recently did a post on eternal youth and 15 year old gurus.

Would You Travel to Bimini?

The legend attains a more visible state in the 16th century when being recounted by a Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de León. He was searching the world for the Fountain of Youth and found himself landing in 1513 on what is now known as Florida. The legend goes on further that Ponce de León was informed by Native Americans that the Fountain of Youth was in Bimini.

The Getting Old Resistance

And the search for the Fountain of Youth continues to the current day and has sprung several industries all intertwined around the idea of anti aging. It seems that there are many people who are resisting growing old for as long as they are able to including the Stamas Bros.

Is Lifestyle the Solution?

There are myriad miracle creams and other cosmetic articles as well as books on the topic claiming that you can stay young based on what you eat and your lifestyle in general.

Plastic Surgery Anyone?

The staff of are united in their perspective on aging which they say is more mental than external physical. Members of Over50USA believe that how you think about aging can help growing old be easier. As your body changes and your skin wrinkles some will run to the plastic surgeon. Ironically, another nominee of the Platinum PIAs Awards was a plastic surgeon!

Plastic Surgery is Not Invisible

The only problem with looking to a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery as your solution, is that for the most part plastic surgery is easily recognized. Someone’s skin can seem strangely smooth, the eyes seeming strangely stretched and so on.

What is the Secret

So instead of spending lots of money on trying to surgically attaining a so-called look of youth, Over50USA recommends that you start with your outlook as well as your diet. These two things are a natural way of at the very least keeping your attitude more upbeat and we believe that indeed this is the greatest secret to staying young or even aging gracefully.