Over 50 Creativity

Create a Home

If you are over fifty and an artist, you may need special housing for your second act. Check out the NYC Housing Lottery website here.

Integrate Your Talents

It is an exciting time being over fifty and finally having the opportunity to focus on what you really want to do: creativity. People of course are creative in different ways. You may have noticed that you have a certain talent for some things but have never been able to put it to the test.

Consider Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

If you have something artistic you are pursuing you may be interested in becoming an artisticpreneur. This means combining your creative talents with your aptitude to be an entrepreneur. This may be a daunting task for some, but if you’ve watched shows like “Shark Tank” you know that it is possible to achieve your dreams with hard work and the right focus.

Be Driven by Feeling as Well as Logic

This truly is a time to pursue what you really want to do and be. You may be hard on yourself and thinking you don’t have the talent or resources to do you wish. Well, if the thing you want to do touches you emotionally in a positive way, then you will be able to become that thing because you will be driven to do so.

Yoga Rocks

If you have spent the day going after your dream you may find yourself tired but it will be the right kind of tired. And remember that things, especially technology, are changing all the time and you can be flexible with that. Another way to get flexible is to enroll in Yoga. This is a lot more fun for most than going to the gym and can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Be Afraid

Find a secure place for yourself and then go out and do it. Pursue the dream. If you worry that you are just winging it with no rhyme or reason, remember that ultimately everyone is just winging it, though some do so with more confidence. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes so when you make one just pick yourself up and continue on your way.

Feel Inspired

Do it right. And you know what is the right kind of doing and what is the wrong. By the same token, everything you do does not have to be perfect. Allow yourself to be a work in progress. Doing what you love may be something that puts you in a leadership position. So remember to feel inspired and inspire others to feel this way also. And finally, the Platinum PIAs Awards Show is now accepting nominees. If you know someone who is making a difference, please submit them.