METHOD HOW to Sell to Older People Such as Ourselves

We have All Been Babies and then as Adults Will be Older One Day

General Overview of Marketing for those Older

Marketing to people aged fifty and over tends to work best not to remind them of youth culture unless it somehow makes the viewer feel younger. If it affirms feeling younger then you are on the right path, but if it hits them hard with comparing their age and capacity versus a younger person, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Free Giveaway

One of the most effective ways to promote your product or service to the older generation is to first give them something for free that reveals to them the high quality of your wares, as well as clearly shows them the usefulness of it. Or to put it another way, what is in it for them.


Another tactic which does well is to hold a contest for which there is a desirable prize. Older persons in search for value enjoy the excitement and build up to the announcement of the winner. Having information on your blog or pages is a way to draw the individual in more.

Bonus Prize or Giveaway

Yet another variation on the concept of giveaways is to give them a bonus gift with every purchase they make of a certain amount and over. Again, a kind of gratitude will occur and could lead to more purchases from a first-time customer.

Crafting a Headline

When describing your product or service make certain to have one sentence that describes how your merchandise will make them feel and then possibly have an attention generating line. This sort of thing should be used as a heading. The rule of thumb for headings is that they should grab attention immediately with an issue that is especially important to those who are older.

What Does Yours have that Others Do Not?

In general, it is a clever idea for your business be one that is known for something specific that is different from what other vendors offer. It is something that is sought for by those over fifty and adds that extra sense off getting a product or service that gives them more than your competitors.

A Cause Worth Fighting for

Older people also like the idea that by buying from you that they are participating in a cause that matters. An item becomes even more valuable to purchase because the buyer knows by buying from you, they are helping society or some related nonprofit oriented cause.

And of course…Customer Service

And it is understood that one of the most important things that needs to be in place is excellent customer service. Older people tend to respond to good service. And if it is not good, they are highly likely to move on. Customer service is a part of the marketing process.

Social Media and Those Who are Older

And these days about 70 percent of the older population have a social media account of some kind, like Facebook. Older people enjoy the human contact with others, be it not in-person. And social sites can be doing marketing, but it is important that promotions be subtle without coming on too strong. This can be a turnoff. But if in a casual way relevant benefits are being provided, social media can be an effective promotion tool.

Return Business

If a product or service has a strong benefit to the older person purchasing it, you are more likely to get return business from that individual. And not all products have a component such as batteries, haircuts and so on that will run out, thereby making it necessary to buy again. That kind of product or service can be an ongoing source of income for your business. And remember that we all will grow older one day, so if you are not older yourself, visualize what us older folks might like.