Community Marketing for those Over 50, USA

It’s Shocking How Easy it is to Put Together a Community Marketing Campaign

Have You Been Targeted Yet?

As anyone over the age of fifty knows, when you turn the big “Five Zero” you begin to be courted by various publications like the AARP which in turn leads you to being the target of old people offerings.

Is What You Have What They Want?

I must admit, when I became fifty and paid more attention to what marketers were trying to sell, some things resonated, and it was a very good example of tapping into your specific audience that will be responsive to you presentation and ultimately make purchases from you. If you have something of interest to them, and you are showing your wares to the right group of people, that is about it.

If You like to Torture Yourself, Do Not Continue Reading This

But here is where the problem rears its ugly head: who is your primary demographic. As is always talked about in marketing books is the idea of defining your persona, your niche audience and so on. It can become frustrating to try to guess who will want to buy what you have.

Sell to Yourself

It truly does not have to be all that difficult. Rather than targeting a demographic, “sell to yourself.” That is right, “sell to yourself” is what I said. Hey, it is perfectly fine to continue pulling your hair out and spending too much on search and social ads, never quite getting the formula right.

If You are Not Struggling, Should You Struggle More?

Go ahead, torture yourself. If you are like some people, you secretly love the struggle of uncovering the peeps who are going to want to have whatever it is you make.

SECRET HOW as Easy as ABC to Finally Actually Sell Stuff

But even if you are like that or think that this whole train of thought is totally bogus, why not give it a try. It is not going to hurt too much to attempt to the process I am talking about.

A. Before I get into ABCs, let me clarify why I am speaking directly to those who can be described as “Over Fifty USA.” That is my audience. Because I am them. Them with the twist of being very into entrepreneurship and creativity and dream of the perfect stage show leading to the best possible sharing of resources.

B. Once you give into the idea of “Sell to Yourself,” you can now take the next step which is to make something you would buy. What are you looking for? What appeals to you? This, in another way of looking at it, requires that “You Meet You.”

C. Get that product, digital or otherwise, and post it for all to see using whatever strategy you like, including of course Community Marketing or whatever approach you want to.