Over 50 in the Grips of the Coronavirus

You Can Still Feel the Squeeze

You can still feel boxed in even if you don’t have COVID-19. These are especially scary times for those over 50. Even those in their mid 50’s are dangerously close to the demographic for which the virus can be deadly.


For those over 50 finding solutions is challenging. Just getting the very basic necessities is a mountain to climb. Where are the resources? Where is the help? Starting at age 65 there is a clear path to assistance, but mid 50’s not so lucky.


Physically we are in danger yet those of us in our early to mid 50’s simply do not have access to a means of taking care of themselves unless they are wealthy. It is as though society has forgotten the over 50 and pre 65 age group. To follow the journey of seeking assistance for someone in this group, check out the blog/website Manhattan Coronavirus.

Over 50 Creativity

Create a Home

If you are over fifty and an artist, you may need special housing for your second act. Check out the NYC Housing Lottery website here.

Integrate Your Talents

It is an exciting time being over fifty and finally having the opportunity to focus on what you really want to do: creativity. People of course are creative in different ways. You may have noticed that you have a certain talent for some things but have never been able to put it to the test.

Consider Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

If you have something artistic you are pursuing you may be interested in becoming an artisticpreneur. This means combining your creative talents with your aptitude to be an entrepreneur. This may be a daunting task for some, but if you’ve watched shows like “Shark Tank” you know that it is possible to achieve your dreams with hard work and the right focus.

Be Driven by Feeling as Well as Logic

This truly is a time to pursue what you really want to do and be. You may be hard on yourself and thinking you don’t have the talent or resources to do you wish. Well, if the thing you want to do touches you emotionally in a positive way, then you will be able to become that thing because you will be driven to do so.

Yoga Rocks

If you have spent the day going after your dream you may find yourself tired but it will be the right kind of tired. And remember that things, especially technology, are changing all the time and you can be flexible with that. Another way to get flexible is to enroll in Yoga. This is a lot more fun for most than going to the gym and can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Be Afraid

Find a secure place for yourself and then go out and do it. Pursue the dream. If you worry that you are just winging it with no rhyme or reason, remember that ultimately everyone is just winging it, though some do so with more confidence. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes so when you make one just pick yourself up and continue on your way.

Feel Inspired

Do it right. And you know what is the right kind of doing and what is the wrong. By the same token, everything you do does not have to be perfect. Allow yourself to be a work in progress. Doing what you love may be something that puts you in a leadership position. So remember to feel inspired and inspire others to feel this way also. And finally, the Platinum PIAs Awards Show is now accepting nominees. If you know someone who is making a difference, please submit them.

Achieve What You Want with Yoga

Doing a pose like this may not seem possible at the moment if you’re over 50, but what you can do this very instant is to imagine yourself doing it!

Diet and Exercise, Not So Easy

Okay, so you’re over 50. What now? Sure you could join AARP (and they’ve probably already started mailing you info) but what is really going to help? Diet. Yes of course diet but it isn’t always easy. Then there is, needless to say, exercise. But that’s tough too. How about more success? Sure, why not, you can learn from NYC Create. But we’re treating the system and not the cause.

A Possible Solution

So what’s someone to do who doesn’t want to really change their diet and would prefer not to take on an entire exercise regiment? Maybe ease in slowly with Yoga. Yes you heard us correctly: Yoga.

Do You Have a Yoga Studio Near You?

If you have access to a studio where Yoga is taught, consider taking a class, especially one designed for the beginner and/or “older” person. Worried it’s going to break the bank because you just bought an apartment in the city? Later on we have a suggestion for doing Yoga that won’t cost you anything.

A Commercial for Yoga

Yoga can do some wonderful things for you because it deals not just with the body but also with the mind. Wellness is more than just keeping one in shape. It has to do with health throughout your mind, body and spirit. It can be a respite from the pressures of working toward achieving success. But when it comes to “Mind, Body and Spirit” don’t get stuck on the word “spirit” as a reason for not trying Yoga.

You Don’t Have to Be Religious or Spiritual to Do Yoga

Spirit, like G-O-D, can simply be the acronym for Good Orderly Direction! When you stretch and find peace, other positive things can follow!

Angry Yoga Teachers?

But yes, what you’ve heard about secretly passive aggressive and angry Yoga teachers is true. Many of them have much that they need to mend in their own lives. But that is one of the reasons they are engaged in the practice.

Get a Stronger Result

Do Yoga for yourself and try not to be too judgemental about others in the process. This will lead to a much stronger result and win for you.

Yoga as a Way to Cope

Yoga is often looked at as a journey of self discovery. And if you’re now over 50 it is better to be on that kind of journey than one of denial. Your body is changing, perhaps the amount of doctors you go to for aches and pains is increasing? And this will likely just continue to grow the older you get. But Yoga can be a big help in coping with this.

YouTube is Yoga’s Friend

Don’t have a studio near you where you can learn Yoga or worried about the constant expense of classes? Consider following Yogis on YouTube and other such services. That’s right, do your Yoga regiment in that nice city apartment you just bought. Doing Yoga on your own takes a lot of motivation, but you can make it work. Discover within yourself what it is going to take for you to commit to doing “beginning Yoga for an aging person.” Again, the more you embrace “what is,” the faster you’ll get over that hump.

Change Can Be Good

Look, you can pretend that life begins at 50, and maybe you can convince yourself of that. But remember those angry Yoga teachers, denial is not the recommended road. Though, don’t think that life ends at 50 either. What happens is a process of CHANGE.

Start Your Journey TODAY!

Your body is changing so focus on your mind expanding. Your mind is going also of course, with you likely becoming more forgetful and such things, but this is all the more reason to do Yoga in conjunction with something that keeps your mind sharp. The suggestion is to use YouTube to find a Yoga Teacher who right for you, right now! Hey, there’s no time like the present. So best of luck to you and Namaste.

An Often Overlooked Art Form

Your Creativity

Being over 50 years of age can be a very creative time in your life as seen on the Platinum Pias website featuring the Stamas Bros as well as on the Stamas Bros site itself . Hopefully at this stage you do not have as many stressors to deal with as before, and now you can focus on your favorite art form. This could be performing or visual arts or even creating websites! That’s right, either planning or making websites can be very creative.

What Makes You Laugh?!

Case in point is the Stamas Bros website. The brainchild of two brothers who are over 50, it is an offbeat look at life after 50. Not every episode follows this theme, but the most recent one does as seen here. Be warned that this site is only for those with unusual and even “weird” senses of humour.

Ever Evolving

A website can be a great way to organize your thoughts and create your “own world” online. A fun aspect about websites is that you can continue to grow them over the years. They can be ever evolving and reflective of what you’re interested in or your small business that you have started in your second act.


Have you always known you were creative but never quite had the forum in which to explore this? Websites in and of themselves can be a creative art form. As your site evolves so can your number of visitors if you employ digital or online marketing. There are a lot of DIYdigi (Do It Yourself DIGItal) approaches available which you can find if you look for them.

Develop Your Own Site?

And because of the ever expanding options for creating a website it is very doable to implement yours by yourself. Some people, especially those who are somewhat technical when it comes to computers, prefer to develop their own site. The Stamas Bros created their website and help others with theirs, such as the earlier mentioned Platinum PIAs.

Build Your Audience

While others still opt for having the website and the marketing done for them by organizations such as NYC Create. Having professionals do your site is especially important if you have a business and are using your website to build an audience.

Technical Difficulties?

Regardless of what direction you plan to go when creating your site, remember to have fun doing it. Sometimes technical challenges come into play, even with professionals. But if you persist and try to think outside of the box, a solution is just a creative thought away.

The Fountain of Youth?

The Best Bath Ever?

The fountain of youth is not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years across the globe. What is the fountain of youth? It is a spring that allegedly restores youth to anyone who bathes in it. One of the nominees of the Platinum PIAs Awards several years ago claimed to know where to fountain could be found! Pop culture un-icons the Stamas Bros recently did a post on eternal youth and 15 year old gurus.

Would You Travel to Bimini?

The legend attains a more visible state in the 16th century when being recounted by a Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de León. He was searching the world for the Fountain of Youth and found himself landing in 1513 on what is now known as Florida. The legend goes on further that Ponce de León was informed by Native Americans that the Fountain of Youth was in Bimini.

The Getting Old Resistance

And the search for the Fountain of Youth continues to the current day and has sprung several industries all intertwined around the idea of anti aging. It seems that there are many people who are resisting growing old for as long as they are able to including the Stamas Bros.

Is Lifestyle the Solution?

There are myriad miracle creams and other cosmetic articles as well as books on the topic claiming that you can stay young based on what you eat and your lifestyle in general.

Plastic Surgery Anyone?

The staff of Over50USA.com are united in their perspective on aging which they say is more mental than external physical. Members of Over50USA believe that how you think about aging can help growing old be easier. As your body changes and your skin wrinkles some will run to the plastic surgeon. Ironically, another nominee of the Platinum PIAs Awards was a plastic surgeon!

Plastic Surgery is Not Invisible

The only problem with looking to a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery as your solution, is that for the most part plastic surgery is easily recognized. Someone’s skin can seem strangely smooth, the eyes seeming strangely stretched and so on.

What is the Secret

So instead of spending lots of money on trying to surgically attaining a so-called look of youth, Over50USA recommends that you start with your outlook as well as your diet. These two things are a natural way of at the very least keeping your attitude more upbeat and we believe that indeed this is the greatest secret to staying young or even aging gracefully.

Being Over 50 in the USA

How Did We Get Here?

We just got off the phone with the good people of Art Gush who are now consulting ArtisticPreneur on the next step in their evolution since they ridded themselves of us and the Over 50 focus. Being over 50 in the US has new web address and it’s Over50USA.com. But how did we get here?

Formerly One of the Topics of ArtisticPreneur.com

We’re not angry with ArtisticPreneur.com. Really. We are actually happy to start a new website that focuses on our passion, which is being over 50 and living in the USA. Seriously. No kidding. Over50USA is a market that we love most. We think it’s inspiring to see people in their “Second Act” going after their dreams more than ever.

We’re Not the AARP

Some of the questions we have been getting is whether or not we’re trying to be the new AARP. Absolutely not. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for all as we age. They also champion positive social change and deliver value through advocacy, information, and service. Their vision statement is to work toward having a society in which all people live with dignity and purpose, and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Our Mission and Vision

Okay, now that we’ve spelled out AARP’s mission and vision we do see aspects of it which we share. Our mission at Over50USA.com is to help those who are over 50 in the USA realize their dreams now that they put off for some reason earlier. Also, our vision is a world in which everyone (especially those over 50 in the USA) does something that they are passionate about. Yes, we admit it, we got the idea of dream pursuit from our work with ArtisticPreneur.

Realizing Your Dreams

Of course following a dream is easier said than done. Some folks are on very limited budgets so the thought of taking on an aspiration may just be too expensive. This is where we enter with the encouragement that they find something that parallels the original dream. Let’s say for example someone wanted to be a doctor yet had never been to medical school.

Medical School?

This may be too expensive of a process right now. Plus, for some it would also entail getting a Bachelor’s. In our earlier conversation with Art Gush, they talk about this approach as being purpose driven. An over 50 person might look at the doctor’s purpose which is to help others get over sickness and to stay healthy. Is there another, easier to attain profession, that does the same thing?

A Dream Alternative?

So what might be an alternative? Maybe to study something that is more attainable. Yet, by the same token we don’t want to discourage anyone from becoming a doctor if they have the means or have found a way to work toward having a means. ArtisticPreneur.com continues to inspire us in that regard.

Helping People

Dreams can also include ways of helping people. This can be especially satisfying for those over 50 because it can be a way of giving back. But whatever dream you decide to pursue, here’s to you being successful!

An Interesting Take on the Word “Never” by a Member of the Over50USA.com Club


It’s a little known fact that Mark lives and works in the exact center of California!

The Over50USA.com Club

Are you a member of the “Over50USA.com Club?” If not, you might want to think about joining. For example, here’s the perspective of a club member who is an “0ver 50”  musician named Mark.

Mark is known for his inspiring no nonsense approach and recently gave us his point of view on what he perceives Over50USA.com to be all about:

Mark Gives His Opinion:

“When I first heard about John’s Over 50 blog, he said it’s for people over 50 who “never” followed their calling or passion.

There was that word I love so much.


I suggested to John that he shift perspective just a little.

That he use “haven’t”, instead of “never.”


For one thing, saying “haven’t” is more accurate. 

Unless you are dead.

The dead can honestly say “I never did become a rock star in that life”.

Because. Well. They are dead.

But for us still living. (I think I’m alive anyway.)

We aren’t dead.

And while I haven’t become a rock star, I ain’t dead yet.

Never is so final. Never implies we can’t. But we can!

So I told John to give it some thought.

These kinds of subtle distinctions are the fuel of perception. The power of words.

And they work on us too.

Remember, no matter what, it’s never too late. Now THAT is an appropriate use of never.”

A Star is Born which is YOU and this Blog!

If you’re over 50 this blog is for you!

Now is the Time

Keanu is over 50! I got my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration at age 57, there are “over 50” folks all across the United States having the times of their lives. How about you? We want to hear YOUR story!

The Official Blog for Those Over 50 in the USA

You asked for it so now we’re bringing it to you. The official website of those over 50 in the USA, none other than Over50USA.com! This is the very first blog post so we want to clarify a few things.

YOU are the Star!

The sole purpose of this site is to celebrate YOU. You the person over 50 residing in the USA. Also, even though we are based out of New York City, anyone in America can participate in celebrating “Your 2nd Act.” More to come soon! Please submit your magical story to us at Magic@USAcreate.com. Now is the time to achieve old and new American Dreams!