U.S. Ageism and its Negative Take on Growing Older, Plus the Irony is that the Same Younger Americans Who Currently Chastise Ageing Individuals, will Themselves One Day be Old!

A Man Enjoying Life!

Are You an Ageist?

As I write this here in NYC, I am now a decade over 50. And yes, feeling the restraints of ageism all around me in the business world. But to be frank and of full disclosure, I used to be an ageist to a certain degree myself. I did not want to be, but I couldn’t help, as a young person, thinking of the limitations of the elderly, to be able to do what I was doing as an entrepreneur. When it came to working with older individuals, regarding their ability I sometimes did “Pre-Judge” them a bit, which is where the word “prejudice” come from!

Can We Put a Spin on U.S. Ageism?

And now almost twice the years of back then, I think about this and find it odd that there is not a lot of ageism stopping sites out there, taking on this topic. When you look at its numbers as a trend, U.S. Ageism is not even a full blip. Everyone gets old if they make it along the road of life. So why not start taking a positive way of looking at aging?!

Wisdom and Experience

This past weekend we were visiting my wife’s parents, and my father-in-law had a sign up in their house that read something along the lines of “Be nice to your kids because they will be choosing your nursing.” I guess that in a way that covers a lot of an ageism solution. Remembering to be respectful to you elders, recognizing they, with age, bring wisdom and experience.

Be Active Both Physically and in Your Thoughts

As long as we are on the topic of aging, there are some things to be said about older people and entrepreneurship. I think that it can provide a hands-on way of keeping sharp and connecting with others. I consider myself to be a Startup Introvert, meaning I am a bit of a loner when it comes to running an organization. But regardless of your focus when you are older, it is a good idea to stay active both physically and mentally.

Save NYC Together

I am happy to report that thanks to performing artists among others, our beloved New York City is coming back. The reopening of Broadway has been very helpful. As New Yorkers, we recognize that importance of the arts has in terms of attracting tourists to our city. And much of the result of Manhattan coming back is thanks to the Over 50 USA individuals. There were lots of rallying and other activities by those who are older.

Reinvention of a City

Another positive thing that is going on, which has had positive support from elders, is the amazing reinventing and giving a new outlook of the Big Apple. When COVID first started to rear its ugly head, the 1%ers, without a blink, gathered up their big businesses, that were important to the city’s financial existence, and bolted. And although I must admit the exiting of the wealthy still has had a negative impact on New York City financially, the good side was that we saw crystal clear, those who were not committed to caring about New York, and maybe being a part of our recovery. Thankyou older people for all you do!

How to Reach the Over 50 USA Audience

The Search for Your Ideal Customer

If you have spent any amount of time exploring the process of creating a product or service and then attempting to get it in front of your ideal demographic, then you know how tough a process it is, depending of course on what kind of individual you are trying to reach. You may have even heard of the term “niche,” meaning a specific group of people who share many of the same likes, dislikes and motivations. It can become an extremely complicated matter, with the best methodology seeming to be to pay a search engine or social media platform a lot of money over time, have them connect you with the type of people who are ideal for what you are selling.

They Figure Out Who You Are

As you have likely figured out by now, the real reason that search engines and social media platforms are developed in the first place, is because the people who start them, mostly do so to collect as much personal information as possible about you, so that when they have someone pay them to reach you and others like you, then can do so easily. And don’t think that if you, when signing up to get an account with the social or search company, put in information that is not accurate, they will still figure out who you are. How? By looking at your choices and behavior on their system and cross referencing it with databases of info gathered over time from a multiple of different sources.

Be Careful to Not Put Your Info into the Wrong Hands

Look, the search and social sites are in business. Their business is giving you free services in exchange for your identity so they can sell ads to people who are trying to reach folks like you. Some people do not mind this at all and that is their prerogative, but there are clearly many downsides to this practice. One of course, that happens more than you know, if bad actors hack the database of the search/social site, they can sell your info on the dark web. And of course, the more search/social sites you sign up for, the more likely your information will get into the wrong hands.

What Do You Do when Things Get Expensive Fast?!

I am not writing this to try to scare anyone, but it is good to know what you are dealing with, as well as being helpful when you try to reach your own audience for your product or service. Here’s the thing. Ads cost a lot. And if you are on a very limited budget, things can get expensive, fast. So, what are you to do?

Some People Trying to Reach an Audience, do so by Following a 3 Step Process Like this:

  1. Figure out who your audience is for your product or create a product based on that serves a demographic you want to serve.
  2. Discover the means of getting your offering in front of your specific audience.
  3. And finally, once people you are seeking click through to you purchase area on your site, or a third-party website, they buy your goods that are either physical items like widgets, or digital ones as in online courses, eBooks and so on.

The Search for Your Audience

The secret of deciding on who you are trying to reach and how you will reach them, is really not a secret at all. It is common sense. And you can do this without having to buy as many search and social ads as you might think. The best example of a suggested way of doing this, is the process I use myself. It is not for everyone, and certainly most digital vendors do not do this, but it is nice to have as an option. When we do the writing of articles and posts, we do so by looking for specific audience who are members of communities. Our goal, at least not currently, is not an economic one, but is that of volunteering. So, the following will likely need to be adjusted by you to fit your individual needs.

  1. Decide on our demographic we are trying to reach by looking for others who are much like us, in this instance “Over 50 USA.”
  2. Figure out a method of reaching this audience, just as we are doing now with the “Over 50 USA” blog you are currently reaching, since there is a chance you fit that demographic, though of course not necessarily.
  3. We activate our offer, which right now is to get information to you and either have or are starting an organization or club of some kind.


Therefore, our secret is really not much of a secret, and as mentioned, not for everyone. But in our instance, we are searching for people with whom we have a common bond with. In this instance it is…Well…Age!

Yianni Stamas Talks about How We Can Save NYC together and How an Organization by the Same Name is Working Toward Doing So

Advocates Over 50 in NYC with a New Perspective

Hi, Yianni here. Now, more than ever those of us who are over fifty and residing in Manhattan, NY, need to band together toward the common cause to save NYC together. A lot of our wealthy friends fled the city, either to move to the suburbs (such as in Long Island or New Jersey), while others went to other states, such as Texas and Florida, where the tax breaks are better. Though ironically, due to extreme weather situations in both states, repairing and cleaning up the resulting damage and mess must have cost a pretty penny. But the bottom line is that because of no longer sharing the goal with the super rich to Save NYC Together we are left alone here to to pick up their pieces. Also, the circumstances now are even worse for artists seeking affordable housing.

Can the Over 50 Crowd Save NYC Together?

Obviously, it is going to take those of all different ages to save NYC together, though, those of us in our “Second Act” have a unique perspective on life that can be leveraged. We have had to leap over many hurdles and life experience means something. We have skillsets far beyond many and can lend what we know to the cause. But this does not mean we need to march in the streets, although many of us are, instead it brings to the surface the fact that there are many ways to participate in a mission. The objective to save NYC together does not require the same mode of involvement. If you dig deep into what you know, chances are that you will find an effortless way to lend your hand to overcoming the great wall we face today.

Sharing Thoughts and Hope

Because of those of us over fifty lending our own unique forms of participation along with other New Yorkers, progress is already being made toward the goal of having a new thriving New York, reinvented, as all one community. This community of course has neighborhoods and other, smaller communities within the larger one But this process has not always been easy, and in the beginning seemed impossible to do.

My Take on Times Square at First Blush

I now live in Northern Manhattan with my family, but over the years, starting in 1988, I have lived in a variety of neighborhoods of our beloved city. But several months ago, while we were still very much in the grips of the pandemic, I had to venture to Times Square on three separate occasions, to see a doctor who practiced there. My wife and I lived for 5 years in an apartment that had a view through one of the windows of Times Square, so viewed or walked within, Times Square. Having that Time Square in my mind, is why it was especially chilling to see the new Times Square of months ago. It was a ghost town. Very few cars and almost no people except for lone figures who lurked in the shadows staring at you, some of them smoking. Those upsetting three visits is why I realized we would have to save NYC together.

How do We Save NYC Together?

Even though some of the worst of the pandemic is behind us, the variant of COVID known as Delta is taking its wrath against us. Also, there is more violence than I have ever seen in Manhattan. For example, three days ago when writing this, someone was shot and murdered a block away from where we live. Violence and the pandemic are two of the biggest challenges to save NYC together. Regarding COVID, and now the even more contagious Delta variant, if you have not, please get vaccinated. Or, suggest to an unvaccinated friend or family member, that they get the shots. It is easy, quick and now thank goodness, quite available. Because if everyone does the right thing, we are all a lot safer . Violence? This can be overcome either in-person or digitally by trading thoughts and producing solutions. A series of three very violent attacks that all occurred about a week ago, occurred in our favorite local park. Thankfully the perpetrator was caught and arrested. The community response was to get as many folks from the neighborhood together as possible, to do a kind of parade thing through the park to indicate that we are taking the park back. But if gathering with people in-person is not your thing, that is completely understandable. If you care to, you can help spread the word by letting others know of your strong belief, that is shared by others in your community, that we can save NYC together.

And speaking of the cause to save NYC together, I am making a brief appearance today on the website Save NYC Together to be a part of the larger national mission and suggestion which is “USA Make a Difference.”

Still an Undervalued Demographic


I recently had a birthday and am now 59 years old. This means I am more than officially a part of the “Over 50 USA” crowd. It is a little scary I must admit, to realize that I am, well, old. Yes, there are optimists (in denial?)  who suggest that “age is just a number,” but I think it is important to embrace the numerals you own. To me this is better than putting on a forced grin, while hiding even from yourself, the actual pain you feel inside that can lead to dying your hair or even getting plastic surgery.

Young Versus Old?

If you are a member of the “Over 50 USA” club it is recommended that you do not try to forcedly psyche yourself into being “young inside.” Because let us face it, 59 is 59 and not 29. As a New Yorker for 33 years, I am now a member of a still undervalued demographic that faces pigeonholing on an ongoing basis including seeking a job, being perceived in a certain way, and so on.


Judging others based on how many wrinkles they have as well as their hair being gray is unfair and even a form of prejudice. Some call holding on to stereotypes of those over 50, “ageism.” It is relying on your negative unspoken belief, rather than giving someone a chance. And of course, if youths do not somehow leave this earth earlier than planned, they too will one day be 59 years old or even older!

Gray Panthers

That said, it is nice to discover that many of those with gray in their hair are thumbs up in the battle to reinvent the Big Apple. A specific example of one such group that is pushing back, is the “Gray Panthers NYC” that was established here in New York in 1970.

Despite Being Gray, Motivation Remains

Although even now, 51 years since the Gray Panthers NYC was formed, we are still an undervalued demographic. That said, this is no reason for not becoming fully committed and motivated to act and make a difference here in New York City.

What to Do if You are Turning 50

Enter AARP

I remember when I first turned 50. It was a big deal. Even though, depending on where you look, it’s not clear if I am actually a Baby Boomer or Gen X, I did nonetheless have to face the reality of having the side by side digits “5” and “0” represent my age. And yes, I did receive an invite in the mail from the AARP.

Fitting Into the Over 50 Box

So what should you do when you turn 50? Should you get an over 50 hairstyle? How about starting to wear over 50 glasses? Really, my suggestion of what to do when you become the big 5-0 is not to be ruled by your age. This doesn’t mean you should not recognize you age, but you shouldn’t change too much as a person to fit into an over 50 box.

A Lot to Live for

Sadly, my second cousin once removed ended her life when she turned 50. She had used her beauty to get by and presumably saw 50 as when it really starts to go all downhill in terms of looks. There is a lot to be happy about when you turn 50. If you are as lucky as I am to have a wonderful wife as well as our amazing 12 year old daughter, this is a much to live for.

Want a More Fulfilling Life?

But even if you do not have a partner or child, 50 can be a marker of a new lease on life. You could try dating sites for over 50s or change up your fashion. Although it is important to not forget who you are, this is a chance to redefine your fashion traits or even your diet. Turning 50 can be a great time to analyze how you have been doing things, like the food you eat or how you dress, and making healthy changes could result in a more fulfilling life.


True, you might start feeling changes in your physical abilities including certain things let standing up and more can be more painful than when you were 20. But even with the challenges, it is important to create a life of meaning if you haven’t already. Be grateful for the things you already have with an eye to the future.

Finding the Magic Again

The Experience

As we grow older our bodies change but we can be as sharp as ever as well as be very passionate. If you have had the good fortune for being with the same person for an extended amount then you likely know the ins and outs of that experience.

Let Them Know You Care

Finding the magic again in your relationship is very important. Rather than perceiving your spouse or significant other as being taken for granted, let them know you care.

Common Ground

As the votes pour in and we face the stress of the current election, this can be a time to remember together all the changes our country has gone through. Find common ground and enjoy each other!

The Fight Against Ageism

Even though folks further an ageist agenda that can get block those over 50 when it comes to employment opportunities, there is a way to, in a sense, game the system. If you are over 50 you very likely have a perspective that is useful to the young up and coming individuals who are getting the positions that you can’t because your hair has started graying.

What then is the secret to making being of AARP age work for you? First off we have to make clear that no matter how much you dye your hair, or get get skin regiments or even pursue plastic surgery, others are going to know you are in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s.

So the best way possibly to game the system is to accept your age and get out there to fight against age discrimination. It is a cause that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. So go out there and shout about the problems of getting older and the dignity you expect. Make those signs or big signs and walk the streets or even start a blog about the right to go gray.

Can You Live Happily Ever After?

Living happily ever after is very doable. Like anything, you just have to put some effort into it. Depending on whether or not you have reached retirement involves slightly different scenarios. If you are still working, your aspiration can initially take the form of being a “side hustle.” This gives you a preview of what you are going to do after you step into your new vista.

Or maybe you are already retired. This is the perfect time to put your goals into the cross hairs of focus, preceding with confidence. And if you fall, don’t forget that getting up and going at it again is most important. If you have an objective that involves making a difference in your community you might want to touch based with the nice folks at Platinum PIAs, who for 10 straight years recognized those making a difference in their community.

The important thing is to get support if you can, whether it be from your spouse or an awards show or a nonprofit and so forth. Getting help will assist you in achieving what you have planned. Now’s the time!

Getting the Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams Over 50

Whether you are 50 or even 70 the time is NOW to pursue your dream so learn about the free eBook below! Rock on!

Starting a Pursuit

This is going to be a very short post, but we hope it is a helpful one! You see, when you turn age 50 you are at the start of a whole new chapter in your life, one that can sometimes include the realization of a dream you once had but never possessed the time you needed to pursue it.

You Deserve It!

Now we are all in “different boats” so to speak regarding how much free time we really have to pursue our dream. Some of us have been saving for our retirement and others of us have not. Regardless, being over 50 signals a fresh beginning and even if you are still working at a job or even your own entrepreneurial one, you deserve to begin to do the thing you always wanted to do.

Let the World Know What You are Doing

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Growing Old Isn’t That Fun

I know, I know, happiness is a choice and just staring out at the scenery is magical. Just keep telling yourself that when your kids put you in a nursing home.

Life is Short

All of us over 50 have likely thought at one time or another about the aging process and how it isn’t always very fun. In fact as a very famous celebrity once said “There’s nothing fun about growing old.” If you are over 50 you are likely familiar with the new pains, tiredness and unhappiness with how your skin is changing, the gray is coming out in your hair and the realization you are not going to live forever.


Of course there are those over 50 who say that they are no having the best time of their life. Lucky people these, but they are few and far between. And who believes them anyway? Most of those who are over 50 and trying to push forward a persona of being over 50 and loving it, are likely in denial and if he or she were ever to actually facing aging could snap.


And then there are those of us who are still in our 50s who know that aging sucks plain and simple. The body falls apart and the thoughts get darker. We’re not saying that there are not people out there who are over 50 and who are actually enjoying aging, but if such an animal does exist, we haven’t seen it yet. Maybe we should go to the the zoo more often.