An Often Overlooked Art Form

Your Creativity

Being over 50 years of age can be a very creative time in your life as seen on the Platinum Pias website featuring the Stamas Bros as well as on the Stamas Bros site itself . Hopefully at this stage you do not have as many stressors to deal with as before, and now you can focus on your favorite art form. This could be performing or visual arts or even creating websites! That’s right, either planning or making websites can be very creative.

What Makes You Laugh?!

Case in point is the Stamas Bros website. The brainchild of two brothers who are over 50, it is an offbeat look at life after 50. Not every episode follows this theme, but the most recent one does as seen here. Be warned that this site is only for those with unusual and even “weird” senses of humour.

Ever Evolving

A website can be a great way to organize your thoughts and create your “own world” online. A fun aspect about websites is that you can continue to grow them over the years. They can be ever evolving and reflective of what you’re interested in or your small business that you have started in your second act.


Have you always known you were creative but never quite had the forum in which to explore this? Websites in and of themselves can be a creative art form. As your site evolves so can your number of visitors if you employ digital or online marketing. There are a lot of DIYdigi (Do It Yourself DIGItal) approaches available which you can find if you look for them.

Develop Your Own Site?

And because of the ever expanding options for creating a website it is very doable to implement yours by yourself. Some people, especially those who are somewhat technical when it comes to computers, prefer to develop their own site. The Stamas Bros created their website and help others with theirs, such as the earlier mentioned Platinum PIAs.

Build Your Audience

While others still opt for having the website and the marketing done for them by organizations such as NYC Create. Having professionals do your site is especially important if you have a business and are using your website to build an audience.

Technical Difficulties?

Regardless of what direction you plan to go when creating your site, remember to have fun doing it. Sometimes technical challenges come into play, even with professionals. But if you persist and try to think outside of the box, a solution is just a creative thought away.