An Interesting Take on the Word “Never” by a Member of the Club


It’s a little known fact that Mark lives and works in the exact center of California!

The Club

Are you a member of the “ Club?” If not, you might want to think about joining. For example, here’s the perspective of a club member who is an “0ver 50”  musician named Mark.

Mark is known for his inspiring no nonsense approach and recently gave us his point of view on what he perceives to be all about:

Mark Gives His Opinion:

“When I first heard about John’s Over 50 blog, he said it’s for people over 50 who “never” followed their calling or passion.

There was that word I love so much.


I suggested to John that he shift perspective just a little.

That he use “haven’t”, instead of “never.”


For one thing, saying “haven’t” is more accurate. 

Unless you are dead.

The dead can honestly say “I never did become a rock star in that life”.

Because. Well. They are dead.

But for us still living. (I think I’m alive anyway.)

We aren’t dead.

And while I haven’t become a rock star, I ain’t dead yet.

Never is so final. Never implies we can’t. But we can!

So I told John to give it some thought.

These kinds of subtle distinctions are the fuel of perception. The power of words.

And they work on us too.

Remember, no matter what, it’s never too late. Now THAT is an appropriate use of never.”