Achieve What You Want with Yoga

Doing a pose like this may not seem possible at the moment if you’re over 50, but what you can do this very instant is to imagine yourself doing it!

Diet and Exercise, Not So Easy

Okay, so you’re over 50. What now? Sure you could join AARP (and they’ve probably already started mailing you info) but what is really going to help? Diet. Yes of course diet but it isn’t always easy. Then there is, needless to say, exercise. But that’s tough too. How about more success? Sure, why not, you can learn from NYC Create. But we’re treating the system and not the cause.

A Possible Solution

So what’s someone to do who doesn’t want to really change their diet and would prefer not to take on an entire exercise regiment? Maybe ease in slowly with Yoga. Yes you heard us correctly: Yoga.

Do You Have a Yoga Studio Near You?

If you have access to a studio where Yoga is taught, consider taking a class, especially one designed for the beginner and/or “older” person. Worried it’s going to break the bank because you just bought an apartment in the city? Later on we have a suggestion for doing Yoga that won’t cost you anything.

A Commercial for Yoga

Yoga can do some wonderful things for you because it deals not just with the body but also with the mind. Wellness is more than just keeping one in shape. It has to do with health throughout your mind, body and spirit. It can be a respite from the pressures of working toward achieving success. But when it comes to “Mind, Body and Spirit” don’t get stuck on the word “spirit” as a reason for not trying Yoga.

You Don’t Have to Be Religious or Spiritual to Do Yoga

Spirit, like G-O-D, can simply be the acronym for Good Orderly Direction! When you stretch and find peace, other positive things can follow!

Angry Yoga Teachers?

But yes, what you’ve heard about secretly passive aggressive and angry Yoga teachers is true. Many of them have much that they need to mend in their own lives. But that is one of the reasons they are engaged in the practice.

Get a Stronger Result

Do Yoga for yourself and try not to be too judgemental about others in the process. This will lead to a much stronger result and win for you.

Yoga as a Way to Cope

Yoga is often looked at as a journey of self discovery. And if you’re now over 50 it is better to be on that kind of journey than one of denial. Your body is changing, perhaps the amount of doctors you go to for aches and pains is increasing? And this will likely just continue to grow the older you get. But Yoga can be a big help in coping with this.

YouTube is Yoga’s Friend

Don’t have a studio near you where you can learn Yoga or worried about the constant expense of classes? Consider following Yogis on YouTube and other such services. That’s right, do your Yoga regiment in that nice city apartment you just bought. Doing Yoga on your own takes a lot of motivation, but you can make it work. Discover within yourself what it is going to take for you to commit to doing “beginning Yoga for an aging person.” Again, the more you embrace “what is,” the faster you’ll get over that hump.

Change Can Be Good

Look, you can pretend that life begins at 50, and maybe you can convince yourself of that. But remember those angry Yoga teachers, denial is not the recommended road. Though, don’t think that life ends at 50 either. What happens is a process of CHANGE.

Start Your Journey TODAY!

Your body is changing so focus on your mind expanding. Your mind is going also of course, with you likely becoming more forgetful and such things, but this is all the more reason to do Yoga in conjunction with something that keeps your mind sharp. The suggestion is to use YouTube to find a Yoga Teacher who right for you, right now! Hey, there’s no time like the present. So best of luck to you and Namaste.